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Green Sichuan Pepper Genovese Pesto Penne Pasta

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How to better use ChinEAT green Sichuan Pepper Grains and oil? Try this pasta recipe out!

Penne with Pesto alla Genovese is by far one of our favorite Italian pasta recipes. This dish is all about aromatics, with the charming basil being the protagonist of this sensational encounter. We decided to build a bridge here between an Italian classic, and the most beloved Sichuan spice, Green Sichuan Pepper. It is not just a great harmony of colors, both being green, but it is finding a balance of two great fragrances that, believe us, make this a perfect multicultural marriage. 



Penne pasta (150g)

Cherry tomatoes (around 200g)

Pesto (around 100g)

Green Sichuan Pepper (whole) (5g)

Green Sichuan Pepper Oil

Extra virgin olive oil (5 tbsp)

Spices (fennel seeds or alternative aromatics, and dried chilies for a spicy note)

Sugar (a pinch) (brown sugar for a better result)




[1] Rinse the tomatoes, cut them gently on the top, and place them into an oven tray.

[2] Pour in some Green Sichuan Peppers (whole) and the remaining aromatics.

[3] Add a pinch of salt and sugar on the top of tomatoes and mix well.

[4] Add the extra virgin olive oil into the tray and place into the oven at 130°C for around 60 minutes.

[5] Pour the pesto sauce into a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and Green Sichuan Pepper Oil (1 tbsp), cook at low heat.

[6] Cook your penne into water (adding a pinch of salt), then place them into the pan with the pesto sauce. Add in some of the cooking water (starchy pasta water, 2-3 tbsp).

[7] Mix for around 1 minute until the sauce has thickened up together with the pasta.

[8] Place the pasta into an empty plate, then add in the tomato confit.

[9] Sprinkle some additional Green Sichuan Pepper (grounded) for a more numbing flavor.

Your pasta is ready! Enjoy and leave us a comment!


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