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Red Sichuan Pepper Arrabbiata Penne Pasta

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How to better use ChinEAT Sichuan Pepper Grains and Oil? Try this pasta recipe out!

Penne all’arrabbiata, literally “Angry Penne”, is one of those dishes for people that enjoy spicy notes. Why not adding a touch of Red Sichuan Pepper to add that extra zest to this recipe? We believe that Red Sichuan Pepper, besides its unique aroma and numbing sensation, can bring in the extra warmth needed for making this recipe even more suitable for those days when we are need proper food to cheer us up. The combination of red bell peppers with the woodsy aroma of Red Sichuan Pepper creates a great balance you are never going to forget about.


Penne pasta (200g)

Chopped Tomatoes Pulp (a can, 400g)

Red Bell Pepper Tomatoes Pulp (one)

Chili (dried or fresh, 1-2 pieces)

Extra virgin olive oil



Chopped Onion (1/4 or half)

Garlic (1 minced clove, optional)

Red Sichuan Pepper (whole) (5g)

Red Sichuan Pepper Oil


[1] Rinse the bell peppers, remove internal parts, then cut into slices. Set half of the slices apart, then dice the remaining sliced and set aside.

[2] Mince the chilies and set aside.

[3] Pour into a pan some extra virgin olive oil, heat up and pour in garlic and chopped onions. Let them cook for 2 minutes, then when golden, pour in the chopped tomato pulp, with the minced chilies.

[4] Add in the diced bell peppers, together with 1 tbsp of Red Sichuan Pepper Oil.

[5] Adjust of salt and mix well (add in pinch of sugar to loosen up the acidity of tomatoes if needed) at low heat.

[6] Cook your penne into water (adding a pinch of salt), then place them into the pan with the arrabbiata sauce. Add in some of the cooking water (starchy pasta water, 2-3 tbsp), together with the red bell pepper slices.

[7] Mix for around 1 minute until the sauce has thickened up together with the pasta.

[8] Place the pasta into an empty plate, and job done.

[9] Sprinkle some additional Red Sichuan Pepper (grounded) for a more numbing flavor.

Believe it or not, your pasta is ready!

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