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Tingling Baked Chicken Tights with Potatoes and Red Sichuan Pepper

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How to better use ChinEAT red Sichuan pepper grains and oil? Try this recipe out!

Baked chicken with potatoes might seem a regular dish. While recognizing the fact that this title might not sound that sexy, we are going to promise you that this recipe is just going to taste very different from what you have in mind. Follow a few steps and turn your baking skills into an explosion of flavors. The secret, not anymore, is one mysterious ingredient: Red Sichuan Pepper. Ready?



Chicken tights (6-8 pieces)

Potatoes (500g or more)

Rosemary (20g, add additional spices if needed)

Sliced onion (half piece)

Garlic (7-8 minced cloves)

Extra virgin olive oil (6-8 tbsp)

Chili (dried 4-5 pieces)


ChinEAT Red Sichuan Pepper (whole) (5g)

ChinEAT Red Sichuan Pepper Oil (4 tbsp)


[1] Chop the onion into thin slices.

[2] Cut the potatoes into chunks, rinse well with water and set aside.

[3] Pour the extra virgin olive oil into the pan with the Red Sichuan Pepper Oil and Red Sichuan Pepper (whole).

[4] Add in the rosemary, the potatoes, and the chicken tights.

[5] Add salt, chilies, and sliced onions.

[6] Mix well and marinade in the fridge for 30min (or more).

[7] Place into the oven and bake for 60 minutes at 200°C. Then switch the oven function to upper heat and let it brown for 20min.

[8] Call your mates and enjoy, it is going to taste….numbing!

Believe it or not, your meal is ready!

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