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Welcome to ChinEAT,

This document explains how to use the site and its contents.

ChinEAT invites users to read it carefully and keep a copy.

The use of the Site and the Services offered therein implies full knowledge and express acceptance of the conditions that are described here.

If after reading them the user does not intend to accept them, please do not continue!

For clarification, the user can contact us immediately, we will be happy to help.


Website description is an e-commerce site intended for the promotion and sale of food products manufactured in the Chinese headquarter and imported by the Italian branch company DeZhuang Europe s.r.l. owner of the site, with registered office in Via Paolo Da Cannobio 9, 20122 Milan, Italy, VAT number: 10898430961, REA MI - 2564823, e-mail, Pec

These conditions govern the use of the Site, including any third-level domain or landing page associated with it.



In relation to the terms used in this contract, it must be understood as:

Site: the website including any third level domain or landing page associated with it;

User: the natural person who accesses the Site;

Contents: the materials, none excluded, present on the Website (by way of example but not limited to, the texts, images, articles, logos, original or reproduced works of creation, including the software, the operating logic of the site , menus, layouts, graphics and colors) or sent to the User by ChinEAT;

Profile: the reserved area uniquely attributable in general to a User; the digital environment with customizable content and features, isolated from other users, licensed together with a unique password and username chosen by the Registered User and assigned to the same;

Service: the set of activities and operations that Users can perform through the Site; the possibility offered to registered Users to create their own Profile.



This agreement contains the Conditions of use of the Site and its Contents, to which the User is subjected.

These Conditions govern the use of the Site by the User, their liability, the limits of liability of DeZhuang Europe Srl, the copyright related to the contents of the Site, as well as the Site itself.


Acceptance of the Terms of Use

By using the Site, including any third-level domain or landing page associated with it, the User agrees to be bound by these conditions of use, by all the terms and conditions contained or mentioned therein or by any additional terms or conditions that are provided on this Site and undertakes to abide by them.

Use of the Site

The User can freely browse the Site.

The User may use the Site exclusively for legitimate activities and must refrain from using it for any activity that results in any violation of the rights of DeZhuang Europe Srl or third parties.

It is expressly forbidden to use any part of the Site and the related Contents for directly or indirectly commercial or advertising activities of any kind, unless expressly authorized in writing by DeZhuang Europe Srl.

Any fraudulent or illegal acts carried out by Users will be prosecuted according to the law.

In order to have access to the services provided by, including any third-level domain or landing page associated with it, the User may be required to enter their personal data.

All information released must be real and truthful.

During registration, the User is prohibited from entering false and / or invented and / or fictional names.

DeZhuang Europe Srl reserves the right to legally pursue any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of its interests and the users of the information society service offered.


User obligations

The User undertakes to use the site in compliance with the purposes for which it was designed and specifically undertakes to:

  • comply with these conditions of use and the general terms and conditions for the goods you have purchased;

  • not to use the Site and its subdomains for illegal, deceptive, defamatory or discriminatory purposes, or for illegal activities;

  • not to provide false personal or third party information when registering;

  • do not create a profile on behalf of another person;

  • do not enter identical personal data or e-mail addresses;

  • do not attempt to tamper with the Site in any of its parts, damage it or compromise its operation;

  • not to probe, examine or test any vulnerabilities of the Site or any network connected to it, as well as violate its security measures or authentication measures;

  • not to attempt to upload data, information or programs containing viruses or other harmful or harmful codes, in violation of the law, including that on the protection of intellectual property, DeZhuang Europe Srl or the rights of third parties;

  • not to use the Site for illegal purposes or for purposes other than those provided for in these conditions of use or the general conditions of sale;

  • make sure your contact information is always correct and up to date.

Furthermore, so that data security is always guaranteed by using the Site, the User who intends to create a Profile undertakes to:

  • choose a complex password on the basis of the indications we would have given him;

  • do not use passwords that are already in use or used on other websites;

  • not to use data known to the same attributable and publicly available for the composition of the password;

  • keep the account access password in a safe place and under its direct control;

  • not to transfer, transfer, share or communicate the password to access the Profile to third parties;

  • not to sell or transfer the Profile to third parties;

  • change the password to access the Profile at least every 90 days;

  • immediately notify us of any anomalous activity that you have detected;

  • keep the account and password confidential and supervise access to computers and mobile devices;

  • take all necessary precautions to ensure that the password remains secure and confidential.

DeZhuang Europe Srl reserves the right to legally pursue any violation and abuse.


DeZhuang Europe Srl may also, without any prior notice or need for authorization and at its sole discretion, inhibit access to the account by the User or cancel it in the event of repeated and / or serious violations of these terms of use and / or contracts. , as well as in all cases where it deems it appropriate for security reasons or to comply with legal obligations.


Responsibility of the User

The User assumes sole responsibility in relation to any activity concerning the use of the services offered by DeZhuang Europe Srl which he uses at his own risk.

In particular, the User guarantees that any element, data or information entered by him is adequate, correct, updated and free of elements, even potentially illegal.

It is forbidden, unless expressly authorized in writing, to use any part or section of the Site and its Contents for direct or indirect commercial or advertising activities of any kind.

The User assumes sole responsibility for the truthfulness of the data entered and, moreover, undertakes to:

do not provide false personal information when registering or create a profile on behalf of another person without authorization;

not to release your personal data to DeZhuang Europe Srl if you have not reached the age of 16 or in the absence of adequate authorization from a Parent or Legal Guardian;

make sure your contact information is always correct and up-to-date;

do not enter personal data or false information in the forms;

diligently keep their credentials to access their profile;

immediately notify DeZhuang Europe Srl of the theft of their registration credentials on the Site;

do not enter particular data in the forms without having given consent.


Intellectual Property, Domain Names, Denominations and Distinctive Signs

The User acknowledges that any Content present on the Site (by way of example but not limited to, images, graphics, texts, data, software, sounds, illustrations, drawings, icons, any videos and photographs) and / or provided by DeZhuang Europe Srl is the exclusive property of DeZhuang Europe Srl and / or third parties and is therefore protected by copyright or other provisions on intellectual property.

Unless expressly indicated otherwise contained in the Site or subject to written authorization by DeZhuang Europe Srl and / or the respective holders of the rights, any act of disposal or use of the material contained in the Site (such as duplication, total reproduction and / or partial, downloading, saving, communication to third parties, publication or dissemination by any means and in all forms, through media and technologies existing or developed in the future) and / or provided by DeZhuang Europe Srl.

"ChinEAT" is the name and / or distinctive sign of DeZhuang Europe Srl which boasts all the exploitation rights together with the logos used on the Site.

The use or reproduction in any form and manner of such names and / or distinctive signs and logos is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by DeZhuang Europe Srl.

The User is granted the right to create and use their Profile under a temporary and non-transferable license for use. Any use that is not expressly provided for in these terms of use, in the general terms and conditions or by law is not permitted.


Limitation of Liability

DeZhuang Europe Srl makes no warranties regarding the Site and its Contents; all Contents included therein or available through the Site may contain inaccuracies or errors.

Within the limits permitted by law, DeZhuang Europe Srl and / or its suppliers will not be liable for direct or indirect damages (or of any other type) - such as damages due to failure to use this Site or third party sites linked to it - towards the User and any third parties, deriving from or in any case connected to the use of the Site and its Contents in relation to the delay or inability to use the Site and / or its Contents, to the supply or failure to supply the Contents, or to any information or content obtained through the Site.

Furthermore, DeZhuang Europe Srl does not guarantee that the information or data displayed by the User through the Site are not accessible or viewable by unauthorized third parties.

DeZhuang Europe Srl and its collaborators will not be responsible under any circumstances for any loss, request, damage, direct or indirect of any kind or in any way connected to a use of the Site that does not comply with these general conditions.


Links (Links) to or from Other Websites

The Site may contain links to third-party websites.

DeZhuang Europe Srl disclaims any responsibility for actions or omissions resulting from the use of the information and content of the websites of such third parties, not guaranteeing the completeness and accuracy of the content and information provided by them.

DeZhuang Europe Srl does not guarantee and assumes no responsibility for the content, availability, operation and fulfillment of any website that may be linked to this Site or from which this Site may be accessed.

The connection by other sites to this Site through links to its main page can be made freely.

On the other hand, so-called hypertext links are expressly prohibited. deep (or deep link) or with so-called techniques framing, aimed at preventing the recognition of (or masking) the real authorship of the contents.


Protection of Personal Data

Any processing of the User's personal data will be carried out by DeZhuang Europe Srl in full compliance with the Italian legislation in force regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR- EU Reg. No. 679/2016, Legislative Decree 196/2003 Code privacy as amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018).

The complete information is available by clicking here.


Jurisdiction and Arbitration

Any dispute concerning these conditions of use will be subject to Italian jurisdiction and the applicable law will be Italian, without any reference to the relative conflicts between different legal criteria. The User accepts and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian Courts and expressly waives any objection to this jurisdiction. The competent court is identified exclusively in the Court of Milan and any other court is excluded.