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Authentic ≠ creaky/demodé

What’s in the pot you ask? Not the same old warmed-up soup! ChinEAT doesn’t offer mere food, we craft bridges! Bridges that will lead food enthusiasts from all around the world to having meaningful food experiences. In a nutshell, our mission is “to connect the dots between you and authentic Chinese cuisine”!

Haven’t you had your fill of your run-of-the-mill meals? Eventually everyone can start to get fed up with the same stuff. ChinEAT revisits signature Chinese flavors into tasty and good-looking ways that are ideal also for creating recipes from scratch or exploring new cross-cultural encounters. We proudly call it giving a Taste of China 2.0!



Unperfect and sometimes a little dummy, but we also have flaws! Stayin’ human is what makes us eager to learn first-hand, take the best out of our experiences, a

nd share them with you all. And why not? Learn from your stories as well!


We like to experiment with different taste pairings and recipes. And yet, we prefer to offer always genuine flavors that give a nod to the real Chinese cuisine. We aim at empowering our international friends to discover the authentic flavors and tastes that China has to offer.


Enthusiasm for Chinese cuisine brought us together from various parts of the world. Our creations are the result of days and days spent visiting the local restaurants in search of the ultimate food experience to draw from. Throughout our journey, we’ve been able to taste a gigantic number of dishes, still having some extra space for some extra bites. Our secret lies behind following a severe regime: moderation? No. A diet? Yes! More precisely our approach was “Did I Eat That?”